The Second of Three Strange Little Projects

photo For the second strange little project, which is actually the very first one I started, I took my art journal (A5) and pondered it for a little bit. All those stark white blank pages, they just stared at me. Plus, I am not entirely ready to immerse myself in filling an art journal …

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The First Of Three Strange Little Projects

photo Before my May began to go downhill, I started to play with two different journals while I sat in front of the television. I need to figure out where the photos of my projects are so I can post them here. For my first journal was a blank unlined journal my daughter had …

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Finding Old Unfinished Art Journal Projects

photo We have been doing some cleaning...not spring cleaning, but that deep down cleaning that comes when one's health (mine, in particular) improves enough to be able to accomplish more than one had in the past (within reason, again due to health issues) and as someone has recently moved out (mostly) we can now …

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My Art Grimoire

same journal, but not the same picture discussed below I pulled out my art grimoire the other day.  I had been cleaning up my area and found a few pieces of art that I had started for Southern Gal’s class Soulful Reflections. I knew they belonged in my art grimoire.  I also knew there were …

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photo What is a Grimoire? Originally, it was a text book, a book of information, a book of knowledge. Basically a grimoire began its life as a book of grammar, or perhaps a study of Latin. It went on to become a book of Magic in the common language. But, what is a Grimoire? …

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Update On My Contribution To Ayala Art’s 29Faces Challenge

Here is a series of videos I did on Instagram to show off my completed works. And I am still continuing on working in this same format until I finish this journal...   You can read the limitations I put on myself in this post, if you're interested.

Ayala Art’s 29 Faces February 2020 Challenge

Learn more about this challenge here, from its hostess. Now, I am not going to show my finished pieces until the end ... and maybe not even until the end of the journal I am using, so if you're expecting to see the faces I've created thus're not going to get much... This is …

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