Currently In The Works 2022: The Grimoire

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

The Grimoire. The Grimoire Series. The title keeps shifting. The content is not shifting, but there is a great deal more that wants to be included.

I have a few posts on the blog (under the category grimoire) that will show you some of the ways in which I will be teaching you to create and use your grimoire.

You do not need to be magical or itchy to take this course. If religion is touched upon, it will be because you chose to do so, not because I tell you to do so.

Your grimoire will be a diary, a journal, a planner, a place for notes, a place to doodle, a place to scribble in notes or ideas, a place to create poetry, to jot ideas down for your home, your work, your heart.

I will teach you how to create a journal of your own. There are several different methods and types of books. If you would prefer to buy a book, that is perfectly ok. I will teach you how to make the store-bought book your own, to consecrate it for and as your grimoire.

I will provide lessons as to what to include in your grimoire, how to use your grimoire, how to use your grimoire to help process powerful emotions, and much much more.

More details will be provided once more content is ready for public consumption.

Please stand by.