Currently In The Works 2023: A Hero Journey

Photo by Mario Dobelmann on Unsplash

Currently, I am working on a twelve-month program, as the Hero’s Journey has twelve steps, that will allow you to take a journey.

You will create a character. You will create the story. I will provide context and plenty of prompts.

Be careful as steps from the Heroine’s Journey may also crop up and sneak into the plans as we go along.

Who is this course for? Creators, first and foremost. Personally, these tales begin as the written word. I give you a scene, a scenario, and you fill in all the blanks. But, there is nothing saying you cannot create a comic book or graphic novel from the prompts. Nothing says you can’t simply illustrate your way through the prompts.

Maybe you will learn something as you go along. Maybe lessons will be coded into the … lessons … but I won’t be the one chucking those in your work; you will. I will simply lay out the map; it is you — or rather your character, that takes the journey.

Details will be forthcoming as the class is more ready for evaluation and purchase.

Please stand by.