Scare Me

Photo by Pixabay on I walk into the room. I am not surprised. They sit there, all three of them, dressed to the nines in their tailor-made suits. Red roses perched in their lapels. Shoes shine and glow with their fresh polish. I came here under the guise of putting my own house in …

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Oh, Those Pesky Links And Rounding Them Up

photo As you might be able to tell, I am not enjoying the whole weekly links round-up thingy. From now, I will probably let this go. But, I will gather my posts from near and far for the past week, and show them to you here, one last time. Last, at least for now, …

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The Deep Dark Forest

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on It's time to take a walk in the deep, dark forest. I spin out through the night, one delicate thread after another wafting over this leaf, against that limb. I work slowly, and methodically. I step back to admire my work. If you are not as blind as I …

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