You Don’t Own Me

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on I cannot tell you how much I resent all the emissaries that keep showing up at my door—at all hours—demanding that I swear allegiance to this Queen or that Queen—RIGHT NOW! Queen of Summer. Queen of Winter. What do I care? They are of the Land. I am of …

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Bonus Prompt: The Writer

Photo by Lucie Liz on Don't be afraid to use this prompt day after day. For as long as you wish. Our writer today is: Stephen King. Chose any short story, or novel, or anything in between. Find a place where you have questions. Perhaps you wonder what this character did before the story …

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All The Little Fireflies

A Story of Fiction (Prompt taken from here.) Photo by Goutham Krishna on Unsplash A scout fell to our feet, out of the dark night, screaming that his Queen had been taken away by the Giants, like us, only just different Giants and we must must must help her right this moment. He lay gasping, eyes rolled up in …

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