Watery Wednesday Prompts In 2022

photo unsplash.com

In 2022, we are going to be exploring the different varieties of mermaids.

We will be combining a specific fish or aquatic animal with a mermaid in whatever manner best fits your talents and ideas.

I will be giving you a type of fish to research and you will create a mermaid based upon that fish (or aquatic animal),

You can do this as an artist, as a writer, as anything you are, so long as you enjoy yourself.

I will not be including pictures of the fish (or aquatic animals) — or anything else either. I want you to research — I want you to come up with the image you want to incorporate into the mermaid. This is not my journey; it is your journey.

I may also add a few questions to take you a tiny bit further into the development of your character, if you so choose.

The only rule for this project is to have fun doing what you do with these prompts (so long as it harm none).