Knitting Up A Holiday Sweater


Sometime during the last week or so of this past November, I got it into my head that I wanted to finish at least one sweater this year, since I frogged out about, what, four? this year. I wasn’t actually looking for much of anything when it struck me I already own a nice–plus, fast and easy–colorwork sweater pattern.

Sewrella has two lovely holiday sweater patterns, but I like this one, called My First Holiday Sweater, better at the moment. That does not mean in any way the other pattern she has, called Holiday Sweater (2019), has anything wrong with it–basically, it really came down to I wanted something wicked fast and simple — and I think the 2019 Holiday pattern is done in DK yarn…while My First Holiday Sweater is worked up in bulky yarn. Bulky yarn won out; that’s all.

I am using Knit Picks Brava in bulky weight in silver for the body and avocado for the colorwork. I am following the pattern as written, using US 11 circular needles. By the second day of working on this sweater, I had attached my third ball of yarn and had knitted over twelve inches of the sweater already. Although this pattern is written to be loose and roomy, I still went up a size more than I should have so it would be extra loose and roomy. I want this one to be an oversize fit. I already have a plan to knit a second one, using a different shade of green in the same yarn to do the body and a different grey in the same yarn for the colorwork portion. That should tell you how much I like this pattern.

The whole thing is worked bottom up, seamlessly. Even the arms are knit bottom up and then attached to the body of the sweater. That is my only actual complaint–and it is not much of a complaint because I know this is just a me thing. I am not planning to knit the sleeves all the way to my wrists…I was thinking of knitting to about my elbows. Which if I follow the pattern is going to require reworking numbers and math and so on. So…for the sleeves, I will have to check in with the pattern to be sure I make sure I have enough stitches before I finish the yoke without knitting up the sleeves. I intend to [pick up stitches after finishing the sweater and knitting the sleeves from the top down.

What about you? Are you making anything right now? What’s on your needles? Or even on your hook?

Let me know in the comments below.