Morning Pages

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash Artists, writers, journalers, all of us, we have heard of Julia Cameron's Morning Pages routine from her book The Artist's Way. Morning pages, three pages of hand-written stream of consciousness brain dump every morning first thing is how Julia Cameron has taught us to do them. I remember for years writing, some …

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August’s Prompt Theme Reveal

For August's prompt theme, I have chosen to go with fire, or flame. Why? Because it is frickin' hot here ...and no matter what other direction my poor addled brain wanted to go in, the flame kept licking at my feet until I gave in. Fire consumes everything. Concrete burns. Metal melts. Even the Earth …

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Word Of The Year Check-In: July

Photo This past month, since my last check-in, has been very odd for me. I have had a lot of issues going on. Medical. Otherwise. A lot of family stuff (not those I currently live with) that has ben on-going. A lot of worry and a lot of prayer happening--and if you are so …

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