A Little Comfort At Night

photo unsplash.com Last year, before I went to bed, I would heat whole organic milk on the stove and add about a tablespoon of raw cacao powder.  I would whisk them together until the mixture became hot cacao.  When I started making this for myself, I would add a tablespoon of turbinado sugar. I changed …

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My Art Grimoire

same journal, but not the same picture discussed below I pulled out my art grimoire the other day.  I had been cleaning up my area and found a few pieces of art that I had started for Southern Gal’s class Soulful Reflections. I knew they belonged in my art grimoire.  I also knew there were …

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For The Birds–And The Cats

photo unsplash.com      My cats love to stare out the window.  More than one has slammed into a window trying to catch something.  A bird.  A squirrel…although the squirrels holler back and frequently tease the cats through the windows (and the dogs by running along the top edge of the fence—among other things)…now again the …

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