June 2021 Prompts

photo unsplash.com

For our journey through prompts in June, I researched popular June traditions, activities and folk lore. Nothing spoke to me. Nothing presented itself as something interesting enough to delve into for an entire month.

So I set it aside for a little bit.

Then, as I was watching a program on Discovery, it hit me: houses. Ok, so I was watching a haunted house program and that is probably more Halloween than summer, but I am not saying create based on a haunted house theme–unless you want to do that. Then it’s ok.

So, rules of engagement with these prompts, as always, do what you will.

I do have suggestions, however.

Every day I will give you a photo of a house. Take a walk through that house. What do you see? Who lives there? Who lived there? What happened in this house? What is the past history of the house? What is the future of the house? What is the present of the house?

There you have your starting off point. Take that and run with it. The whole point is to enjoy. Enjoy the process.