Oh, Expectations…

I set up storefronts.  I did.  Weeks ago.  I only added products to stores that required I do so (like Etsy).

I have a great deal of work to do on this side before I begin to fill my stores.

I need to re-scan and/or re-photograph artwork…and also it would help if I decided what artwork to do this with.  That’s the big thing for Society 6 and Redbubble.

I was asked recently why I wasn’t hurrying to get things in my stores so I could put things on sale, get selling, take advantage of the Christmas season…yada yada yada…


Number one.  I am in no rush.  With everything that goes on in our ‘real world’, I will get to the online things when I get to them.

My health is a priority.

My family is a priority.

Our home is a priority.

The rest, it’s just gravy.

Number two.  I hate the concept of Black Friday.  Did I go out this year on Black Friday?  For the first time in probably decades, yes, BUT only because we picked up my oldest son–took him out to eat, and he requested a trip to the used book store.  It was late enough at night there were no hints of crowds or overly-exuberant sales/buyers.

Did I go out that next day?  Yes, but only because I love my mother.  I braved the monsoon with gobs of lightning…for about a minute before I came home because my husband didn’t want me driving in that … and we went to one store because something for my mother was such an incredible deal.  We did not go first thing in the morning.  We went nowhere else afterward.

Nor did we go anywhere else for the rest of the weekend.

Cyber Monday?  Bought nothing.

I despise the mood of people out shopping this time of year.  If you are thinking, oh, I am sure everyone is so happy and cheerful, just about jolly–uhm, no.  Two weeks before Thanksgiving here, the initial grumpiness of other customers began to surface.  In another week or so, the negative atmosphere of every store will basically drive me to the point where I will order as much as possible from target.com and have things shipped to my door.  I minimize the number of stores I go to weekly, and I make sure I get only what I need and I get out as quickly as possible.

So, the whole let’s get people to buy things, to spend all their money as fast as they can, that’s not me.  If people are interested in what I do, they’ll find what they need during the rest of the year.  That I am good with.

However, never doubt that I will do the work.  I do always feel as if I am constantly in motion working and there is nothing to be seen of what I’ve accomplished once I am done…I am working though…and so is my youngest here by my side.

Until next time…